Why Choose Us

We've put together some key points as to why you should choose us as your main trainer source.

  • We have knowledge which gained from previous projects on console.
  • We aim to update our trainer bi-weekly.
  • The trainer's security is top of its class.
  • We protect your data so you never have to worry about it.
  • Unprecedented attention to detail in both feature creation and design.
  • Professional and easy to use dashboard to suit your needs.
  • We always strive to create groundbreaking features for our updates. we listen to our member base and regularly implement requests and suggestions recieved from the community.


  • How do I purchase Impulse? And how much does it cost?

    Our Impulse Standard is 25 Euro, and Impulse VIP is 50 Euro. Existing members also can upgrade their membership at any time. To purchase Impulse, visit the purchase page for these products and also find helpful information for buying with Bitcoin direct through Shoppy, or purchasing a Cryptovoucher.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin submitted by way of voucher/gift card. Go to the purchase page and follow the steps. (Please note, Bitcoin vouchers/gift card submitted can take between 5-24 hours to process)

  • Does this work on the newest title update?

    Yes, the current release is compatible for usage on GTAV latest title update.

  • How do I contact the Impulse support center?

    The Impulse support center is available 7 days a week, although operating hours can vary from day to day. If support is online, and agents are available, you will see the support widget in the lower right corner of your screen. If the widget is not visible, this means support is offline and you'll need to wait and check back later. (Please Note: We do NOT have an offline ticketing or offline message system).

A large range of features.

Just some of the features we have to offer. .

Model Swapping

Have you ever wanted a gang of rifle-toting chickens chasing after you instead of cops? Now you can swap any model with another model!! Amazing right? Prepare yourself for The Chickapocalypse.

Time and Weather

Impulse gives you the ability to change time and weather at will. Now you can dictate when the seasons change - Ever wanted to have snow in August? Now you can.

Hotkeys/Config Support

With Impulse, the user has the ability to create a custom hotkey list for many of their favorite features. In addition, you can also select a custom binding to open and close the trainer with keyboard or controller.

Custom Vehicle Spawning

Using Impulse, you can natively load XML, INI, or JSON vehicle files. Did we mention support is included for Menyoo Spooner files as well? Also, be sure to stay tuned..

Session Overseer

Ever had that one annoying, boring friend, or that hateful in-game modder that has you triggered and wish you could show them whose boss? Well, go ahead and add them to the Session Overseer list and decide what their fate will be - a kick? A warning on your behalf? maybe a crash? You make the rules..

You Make The Rules

Our trainer allows you to make extraordinary changes to the game world, for yourself and those around you. Have you ever wanted to change your headlight color? Edit the size of an object or drawable? Place a wall in front of every LSC in the map? Or perhaps make your weapon the size of a vehicle? with Impulse, you can..

Vehicle Previewer

Impulse provides you with extensive information on what you're about to spawn including an image preview window. It's pretty simple to decide what to spawn next when things are this convenient.


We always strive to provide all users with the most advanced anti-anti-cheating techniques available. If a hurdle is encountered, we will find a solution.

UI Framework With Mouse Support

Completely reworked UI that revolutionizes how trainers function. This includes mouse, keyboard, and controller support with the addition of being able to move the menu and sub-windows with your mouse. This is all done while still being a natively drawn menu.

Translation Support

Full translation support is offered. Generate a template, translate to your desired language, and then simply load the file and enjoy.

Outfit Editor

Impulse offers a reworked and updated clothing editor, this will allow you to create and save fun and crazy outfits to be used whenever you choose.


We pride ourselves on protecting our users. From blocking entity attachments, to redirecting attacks, to outright blocking of malicious scripts, we provide many effective and unique ways of defending yourself.

Scripthook V Loader

Have you ever wanted to load that fun or unique single-player mod? Now you can, by using our Scripthook V loader. Load up single-player trainers, such as Menyoo, and bring them online.

Custom Header/Theme Loader

Users are able to take control and fully customize the look of Impulse. This includes size, color, font, custom headers, etc. Show your creative side and make the trainer your very own.

Actions Disabler

Have you ever wanted to block other people in the lobby from doing certain things? Perhaps preventing them from entering vehicles or using weapons at all? Don't worry, we got you covered.